SCHEDULE ______________________________________________________________________________

WEEK 01    01.23   Intro, review syllabus, expectations
Lecture: The New Power Compass

WEEK 02    01.30   Bring in to share examples from each quadrant of The New Power Compass
Large Group Research Project -groups assigned
Finish by 5:30 to go to opening reception of alumni show

WEEK 03    02.06   Work in Class on group projects -up to 1995 (or pre-internet)

WEEK 04    02.13    Present in class -part one Continue with post-1995

WEEK 05    02.20   Field Trip!

WEEK 06    02.27   

WEEK 07    03.06   VR Workshop 1


WEEK 08    03.20   Present in class en toto. Lecture: art + social movements

WEEK 09    03.27   Present your final project idea (or on 4/3)

WEEK 10  04.03   

WEEK 11    04.10    VR/AR workshop 2

WEEK 12    04.17    Critique + review

WEEK 13    04.24    Critique + review

WEEK 14    05.01 Final In-Class Critiques – Project Due

WEEK 15    05.08  FINAL REVIEWS      


New Power Compass
There are four quadrants on the New Power Compass representing the possible combinations of models and values. Working in pairs research companies and bring in one example for each quadrant. (four in total)
Be prepared to discuss

  • How their values support your categorization

  • Is their categorization different than their optic (i.e. see Apple)


Group Research Project –Analysis of a Social Movement
Civil Rights / Women’s Rights / LGBTQ Rights

As we have seen, even before social media and the internet, people have been using modes of communication to create change to the status quo. Demonstrations, visual propaganda, sit-ins and even music have been used as a way to communicate and connect with the masses.  To go forward we need to understand the past. What was successful and what was not? What methodologies were employed?

In groups you will research a major social movement of the 20th Century and create a presentation.

Pre-internet. Create an overview of this movement in the United States in the 20th Century up to/around 1995 (earlier optional)

You will create a large scale overview/map/timeline/infographic from the information you find.
Include: Main groups, main leaders, geographic regions, major protests or activism, political successes, social successes.

Also include: Opposition groups, leaders and political and social set backs.

WEEK 3 - Work in class and gather information and decide on layout.
WEEK 4 - Present rough draft of pre-1995. Work in class on post 1995
WEEK 5 - Present refined version of your research.

The work of Mark Lombardi is one jumping off point for a structure or substructure. It is not required to do it like this but however you decided to present the information it must be designed.
Lombardi called his diagrams Narrative Structures. They are structurally similar to sociograms – a type of graph drawing used in the field of social network analysis, and to a lesser degree by earlier artists like Hans Haacke. Other important influences on Lombardi were philosopher Herbert Marcuse, and visualization expert Edward Tufte.


Personal Project