This is YOU . Or a facsimile of YOU

This is YOU . Or a facsimile of YOU

Preassignment. Wait, what?!?

Hope you are enjoying your break before the beginning of the semester. On our FIRST DAY of Motion Design we are going to do a really quick stop-motion exercise. To do this you need to bring in 6-8 PHOTOS of yourself. (Not illustrations -unless you can illustrate MUCH better than I did above)

  1. One photo with you holding up a piece of paper with your name on it. Write it with a thick marker and big enough to see easily.

  2. Next add the name you prefer to be called…even if it’s the same name

  3. Hold up a sheet that says “My universal advice is…”

  4. Then share with us your words of wisdom

  5. Then have 2-4 more photos of you doing whatever you want (in the same space, the same cropping) that can be added in.

  6. All of these should be .png or jpg and at 1920 x 1080 or larger (but with this aspect ratio)

This will both teach you how to make stop motions AND help me learn a little bit about you.

Also VERY IMPORTANT - BEFORE OUR FIRST CLASS YOU MUST HAVE A VIMEO ACCOUNT so I can add you to our group. This will be where all of your assignments will go throughout the semester.