Music and Shapes
For this project you will choose one of four different musical tracks to create an animation. They all have really different tones and styles and they’re all about 15 seconds in length. You are limited to primarily basic geometric shapes. While you’ve been given the tracks it’s your job to do the animation. You can keep it super simple or go crazy with it -BUT LIMITED EFFECTS - this is about MOTION.

Suggested Steps
1. Do some research.
This is skipped over alot but really important. First choose your song and listen to it to try and determine the mood. The next thing I want you to do is watch some dancing. SERIOUSLY. Look at things like Singing in the Rain, the opening of LaLa Land, Busby Berkely or THIS video by The Chemical Brothers. Look at the quality of movement. Is it groups or an individual? Is it smooth or jerky? Start to get a sense of movement.

2. Decide on a color palette

3. Create a few style frames or a storyboard.
Listen to your music choice a few times and try to start and “see” some ideas. These will undoubtedly change while you’re animating but come up with 2-3 style frames that take into consideration contrast.
Contrast on screen can be quite powerful. It’s helpful to think of contrast as being equal to conflict, which is the basis for all dramatic storytelling. Without enough contrast on screen viewers can get fatigued or bored easily. There are a million ways to think about contrast on screen:

 Luminance Contrast................ Black vs White; Light vs Dark
Color Contrast ......................... Red vs Green; Yellow vs Purple
Speed Contrast ........................ Slow vs Fast
Size Contrast ............................ Big vs Little
Motion Contrast ...................... Jerky vs Fluid
Numbers Contrast .................. A Lot of Things vs One Thing
Blur Contrast ........................... Blurred vs Sharp
Roundness Contrast ............... Rounded vs Squared

4. Optionally you can create an animatic - which is laying out different still frames on the timeline where you think that visual style will go as a sort of marker and to get a feel.

Next week you will have time to work in class.
The following week the rough draft is due and the subsequent class the final.

For next week you should have at the minimum the audio you chose and a color palette. Note: if you have another audio you prefer you can use it IF there are no lyrics, it’s approximately the same length and has a sense of an ending (meaning you don’t just shorten a piece of music yourself so it ends abruptly) and you send it to me ahead of time for approval. I encourage you however to use one of the provided soundtracks.

Music Files and Video Examples HERE <<The videos here are of previous student works. They are not necessarily the BEST examples of the assignment but frankly what I had on hand and I am showing you to prove that this is indeed do-able.

For more inspiration check out the Videos page.


Collage Style Portrait

Using a collage aesthetic create a "portrait” of someone through a story.
1. Write a narrative that will be the basis of your animation.
It can be
-a single life changing event
-a list of likes and dislikes
-a short interview
_a life story condensed into 4-5 sentences
-anything else you like.

2. Collect and create material that goes with it. Video, photography, drawings, texture, typography etc

3. Create a soundtrack. Music, sound effects, speaking

4. Storyboard your idea - minimum five style frames