From Fashion Week 2016: File Under Highly Questionable

For some reason blogs never seem to saying anything less than glowing about fashion week. But isn't that kind of like giving every kid a trophy just for trying? I mean, we can't all be winners right? To that end here are a few things that struck a wrong chord this past season.

Weird Body Emphasis

weird Body Emphasis

Okay, I get wanting to place emphasis on certain body parts. Normally this is done with things like cut-outs which highlight cleavage or legs. Marco De Vincenzo's optical illusion makes it look like she has only one boob, while Alessandro's top for Gucci put bright red flowers that kind of function like over-sized pasties on a flat chested model which could inspire bad jokes about blossoming buds... Then there's Dolce & Gabbana's wheel that could double as target practice if you're targeting a pudendum. However that might be considered subtle in comparison to Moschino's arrow pointing to the same region that helpfully says "Entrance". (Actually Jeremy Scott gets points for not even pretending to be anything but obvious and campy in his approach)

PS women don't want to look like cows

ProenzaSchouler Proenza Schouler make great bags. Seriously their PS series have achieved near cult like status and if you go to their site bags are what you first see. And in their defense normally I think they make some pretty amazing clothes but I was struck by how awful these pieces were. Guys, no woman wants to look like a cow (and I did an unscientific test where I showed the black and white dress image to many people and without any coaching they all said "oh, that looks like a cow") and if a model looks bad the average woman is going to look...well I can't even think about it.

Inspired by Nasty Gal

SaintLaurent_Forever21_NastyGal The last of my ire goes to Hedi Slimane's latest Saint Laurent collection. Fast fashion is always accused of stealing looks from major designers because let's face it: it happens. (see this if you're clueless on the subject) But never have I seen the reverse and to such perfection. This collection looks like it's straight from the racks of Forever 21 and Nasty Gal. Seriously, if I wanted to waste time I would have found these same looks on those sites to prove it to you. But I don't have to because you know exactly what I'm talking about. And when I think of the legacy of Yves Saint Laurent I find this a very sad state of affairs. For realz, yo. I don't have any issues with slip dresses, denim overall shorts or graphic animal sweaters (though I prefer Kenzo's tiger from a few seasons back). But I do object to the idea that this is anything new or how much it costs when I can buy basically the same thing in the local mall if I want. Which, you know, I don't. However for the most part the fashion cognoscenti has completely sipped this particular kool-aid so I can't see the Saint Laurent's look changing anytime soon.