Fashion Week Trends -S/S 2016

Okay, let's see: there's the '70s, gender-free, fringe, new neutrals, new colors, new denim (especially wider and frayed)and an emphasis on fabrication like the use of laser cut or embroidery - both because the end product is more beautiful and more difficult for fast fashion to rip-off. But looking at the month of fashion weeks it struck me that there is an edginess right now in fashion that is reflecting the edginess in life. As the worldwide economic recovery seems to never fully recover (creating a legion of freelancers, air b-n-bers, UBER drivers and people in their 20s still living with Mom) and ISIS keeps growing and the refugee situation keeps's no wonder it feels like the entire world of fashion lives on Xanax and champagne. With that in mind here are the trends that caught my eye.

Pattern Overload


Sure we've seen "print on print" for awhile now. But this season it's positively vibrating. I feel like I have ADD just looking at these.



Plaid for spring evokes neither coy schoolgirl nor Kurt Cobain. It's more of a "Go Big or Go Home" kind of statement.

My 3 Year Old Dressed Me


"Oh, I want to wear that. And that. And that too." Anyone who has ever had or  been a little girl knows this story. Apparently designers like this idea too! Seriously take the first three things in your closet and put them on and you could look completely on trend. I am not judging, just observing...although I will add that I do not even begin to understand the hype around Vetements and what Balenciaga is thinking!

Candy Girls

Alexander McQueen, Mary Katranzou, Louis Vuitton, Roberto Cavalli

I don't know if these looks are inspired by the Japanese Lolita girls or are simply their wet dreams but wearing these looks can give you a sugar high.

A Touch of '80s


Am I the only one hearing "Tainted Love" when looking at these images? The past few seasons have really had a '60s mod or '70s vibe but I am here to tell you that the '80s is coming back. So raid Grandma's closet and your local thrift store for toppers that make you look like a footballer (of the American variety)

Punk Princess


Punk is never dead. 'nough said.

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