I am not a "fashion blogger"

Katya MoormanDid you ever wake up to discover that you were a dancing monkey? Like those ones from the olden days that would entertain on a leash while their owner accompanied them on the accordion? Okay, I don’t know about the accordion part but I imagine an accordion and that’s kind of beyond the point. The point is I woke up one morning and realized I was a dancing monkey. Busy performing for everyone around me. For a few banana slices. And not even fresh bananas but over-ripe kind of bruised ones. Mushy ones. And all of a sudden I realize I don’t even like bananas. That kind of explains what happened on my old blog. I had moments where I was a dancing monkey. When I'd find myself writing about something that wasn't really important to me because someone I liked asked me to promote their project, or perhaps, someone I didn't know sent me free stuff and asked me to review it. At first I was flattered that they thought my little blog was worth their time. But then the blog got bigger and this kept repeating itself on a larger scale and I found myself pretending to be someone I wasn't to be compensated in some way - money, free stuff or just to be thought cool by people I thought were cool. This wasn't the entirety of my blog but big enough that eventually I felt burned out and lost focus as to why I had started in the first place. So when someone offered to buy it I sold out it immediately. Then I was on contract for a year to write the most innane posts ever. (in my opinion)

That's all over and I thought I was done with blogging but I'm not. This blog is still going to have a focus on fashion but it's going to be a little (or alot) different. I am not comfortable with the term "fashion blogger" because to me it connotes someone who breathlessly shares the latest jacket trend and/or deconstructs red carpet looks. There are plenty of people/sites that do that. This one is not gonna be that however. It will instead reflect my values of authenticity and integrity and my core beliefs around fashion and life.

  • I believe in inclusiveness in fashion. Great style is NOT one size fits all.
  • I believe fast fashion is like fast food: damaging to the individual and the larger world. I fundamentally disagree with things like slave labor, bible quotes on shopping bags and blatantly ripping off both young and established designers. And the best way to fight against it is by carefully choosing where we spend our money.
  • I believe fashion is fun, transformative and an amazing art-form and the above two points don't take away from my ability to be ridiculously excited by the artistry of a great bag or the genius of someone like Alexander McQueen.
  • I believe in discovering, celebrating and creating a community of like-minded people who are changing the dialogue in art, fashion and how we choose to consume through their creativity and innovative thinking.

I'm really excited about sharing with you stories of some amazing people I know in New York (and not necessarily fashion peeps!) as well as some great fashion and design discoveries that are obsession-worthy and a bit of my own work from time to time. Thanks for reading! xx K