File under Brilliant: Angela Donhauser's postal jacket

A brilliant bit of recycling Last night I meant to go to the party at Club Monaco where Sean Lennon performed but somehow ended up in the Bronx instead. While I'm sorry to have missed seeing Sean and Charlotte, the party in a large warehouse space was quite extraordinary. It was Lucien Smith's Macabre Suite and you can Google it to see more about it. Sorry I'm being a bit lazy but what I want to share with you now is this jacket I'm utterly obsessed with. It's made of those impossible-to-rip mailing envelopes from the Post Office and after seeing it a few times over the course of the evening I went up to the woman wearing it and complimented her on it. She introduced herself to me and said she was one of the designer's of threeASFOUR which happens to be a line I've always loved as well. Anyways it's a very cool jacket that almost inspires me to try it myself!

NYFW Daniel Silverstain

Those of you who know me from StyleDefined NYC might remember that I have never been one to throw up bad phone photos minutes after a show was over. That always feels like a bid to inspire FOMO in others and that kind of "proof of life" feels dead on arrival IMHO. Or, maybe I'm just lazy. Either way if you want to see typical fashion week photos please look elsewhere. Here are two of my personal favorites from his show...which was very well done by the way so check it out for realz yo! (here)Daniel Silverstain S/S 16Daniel Silverstain S/S 16

Nick Cave at Cranbrook Art Museum

BunnyMan Nick Cave

Katya Moorman My first official post here and maybe my last one until I'm back in Brooklyn shortly. It's August and I have been in the Detroit area all summer because Karen has been working on a documentary here. Today we had some time off so decided to go to the Nick Cave exhibit at The Cranbrook Art Museum. My MFA is from Cranbrook so I'm always excited when I see work that I love from a fellow Cranbrook grad. Nick's work is exceptionally brilliant and I'm only sorry we'll be missing the performances. It goes until October 11th so if you happen to be in the area I highly recommend it.