Bicoastal Beauty: Origins Charcoal Body Wash & Detox Body Scrub

Origins-Clear-ImprovementIn the interest of finding and sharing fabulous beauty products I’ve teamed up with my cousin Amy to test items and write reviews. She lives in LA and tends to have a more low maintenance beauty regime while I live in Brooklyn and tend to believe more is…well, more!

Our first products, courtesy of Origins, was from their Clear Improvement line. First we have to say we’re huge fans of Origins and their commitment to natural ingredients and earth-friendly practices. The products we tried were the Purifying Charcoal Body Wash and Detoxifying Charcoal Body Scrub.

This unique line is created with Bamboo Charcoal that draws bacteria, poisons, chemicals, dirt and other micro-particles to the surface of skin, helping you to achieve a flawless complexion… and who doesn’t want that?

Amy says Although I wasn't crazy about the color or texture of the body wash it turned into a nice creamy lather which I did enjoy. My skin felt noticeably softer after use and although the scent was somewhat invigorating it also reminded me of black licorice . . . which I hate :(

I liked the consistency of the scrub. It was effective without being abrasive and left my skin feeling softer than before. The color is a bit off putting and not exactly pleasing to the eye.

I know it's strange because I love skincare products, but generally speaking I spend my money on facial products and not "all over" products like body washes/scrubs. Maybe that's because I use such generous amounts of product that I would finish off a tube in a single week.

A minor note is that the print on the back of the body wash is illegible because they used dark ink while the print on the scrub is white and much easier to read.

Katya says That’s funny – black licorice? I got more of a Eucalyptus - of being in a Dutch sauna – you know, that cooling effect that is indolent and luxurious. The scent did overwhelm yet as the day went by it faded, lingered, left me feeling fresh and rejuvenated.

I am still using the body wash – from a “not so sure”, I’ve become utterly addicted. It sloughs away that dead skin and leaves me baby soft. However…the scrub is a no-go. I found it abrasive and for me, way too masculine. Origins say it’s deep clean comes from a combo of Sea Salts and Brown Sugar while the Bamboo Charcoal helps get rid of dirt and debris. It’s now in the capable hands of one of my “besties” and he swears by it! He finds his skin dirt-free,smooth and refreshed.

The confusing bit about this product is again the scent. The combo of Clove and Wintergreen had us both fooled. I’m sticking to a Dutch Sauna (for the record, I hate cloves ☺)

Yet…after using the body wash every day for a month, I find it my much looked forward to dose of aroma therapy – a relaxing gift that rids me of the daily grime and grit of NYC.

In summary: We both were fans of the body wash and Amy also enjoyed the scrub while I ended up giving mine away to a male friend who loves it. The strong scent will probably divide people (you’ll love it or hate it) but the quality of the product line is very good and it is indeed invigorating!