6 Great Made in NY Gifts I Would Love to Get

6 MadeInNY giftsI am a notorious last minute shopper, always trying to find the *perfect* present. Here are six items I would love to receive. Is this a directive, my friends? No, more of a suggestion... Seriously, maybe this is an ass-backwards way of doing things but if I'm not buying gifts that I would love to have myself I'm at a total loss. So here are a few fabulous Made in NY finds!

1. Valtameri Handwoven Scarf by Pirtti Handwoven $295

Piritti Handwoven ScarfI think a beautiful scarf is one of life's small luxuries and that Anne-Marie Kavulla's are really some of the best. Each blue/gray dégradé silk and cotton scarf in this limited edition series is handmade by Anne-Marie and is appropriate for men and women alike. This one is available at Whisper Editions. You can see other styles and learn more about Pirtti Handwoven here

2. Chick-a-Tea Pot with Tea Cups $110

blue-teapot_cupPW This stoneware teapot conveys the essence of a mother hen with her two little chicks—hence the name, Chick-a-Tea Pot. Unique in form, this teapot is very special, with a cascading handle that merges with the base and a cork topper. The teapot includes two teacups, and all pieces are handmade in Brooklyn. You can find it at HannahJune.com

3. Zero Waste Design Top $85

ZeroWasteDesignTopI love the minimalist vibe of this shirt and it's the perfect gift for your fashionable friend who lives in black. Using a unique zero waste design process, this one of a kind shirt is handmade in brooklyn exclusively with high quality cutting room fabric scraps so no two are exactly alike. And by purchasing a ZWD piece, you are supporting: a reduction in textile pollution local artisans and crafters made in america fair labor practices a sustainable fashion habit Oh and it comes in gray or white as well! You can buy them on Daniel Silverstein's Site

4.The Deity Tip Ring (set of four) $160

CHRISHABANA DeityTip RingsCHRISHABANA is known for taking gothic iconography and filtering it through a pop lens. A fashion cult favorite his work has been worn by iconclasts from Madonna to FKA Twig. The Deity Tip Ring is a delicate curved ring that sits on the finger tip. This piece highlights a manicured finger or hand. It can also be worn as a midi ring. The ring is adjustable - slightly bend the sides to the desired fit. Available in polished brass plated in 18K gold or gunmetal and custom made in New York City. You can buy them at CHRISHABANAJEWELRY

5. Tactile Keys $98

TactileKeysPW I spend alot of my time on my computer - so much that I shudder to think about it. Which is perhaps what drew me to the Engrain Tactile Keys which strike me as a little bit of genius. They are textural wooden keyboard modifiers that allow you to type on a natural surface. The 3D texture is derived from the natural growth patterns of the wood, giving each set its own look and feel. The variation from key to key invites the touch sense to finally become involved in typing and key recognition. This natural,textural wooden sticker set can be affixed to Apple external keyboards. Made of sassafras wood, each set is unique and meticulously handcrafted in Brooklyn and can be purchased on Michael Roopenian Design. Your friends might initially dismiss this as a Brooklyn Hipster accoutrement...but then you know they'll soon follow your lead.

6. Glitter Bunny Clutch $149

LoveBunny ClutchWhat's a holiday list without a touch of whimsy and sparkle? This dazzling bunny clutch is all you need on a night out. Each bag is individually hand crafted, 100% vegan and ethically made by GUNAS New York, a brand dedicated to High Fashion. Zero Cruelty. Buy your clutch here