Katya Moorman is currently the editor of No Kill Magazine.

From 2008 - 2014 she envisioned and developed StyleDefined NYC, a blog that grew into a website which "developed a cult following by New York’s riotous underground tribe” with its unique mix of NYC nightlife, fashion and style. Over this period she collaborated with several brands from SONY to Sebastian and excelled at creating visually striking content for online and social media that resulted in tangible results.

After selling it in 2014 she was offered the position of Director of Marketing and Communications for Manufacture New York, an innovative fashion incubator/factory hybrid based in NYC. There she immersed herself in the world of ethical and sustainable fashion.

She believes the current system that values consumption over all is fatally flawed, but that the world is going in a new direction that’s more about integrity than authenticity and the elevation of role models over celebrity. No Kill Magazine was founded to celebrate and collaborate with those who share these values.