Katya Moorman is currently preparing for the launch of No Kill Magazine.

From 2008 - 2014 I envisioned and developed StyleDefined NYC, a blog that grew into a website which "developed a cult following by New York’s riotous underground tribe” with its unique mix of NYC nightlife, fashion and style. Over this period I collaborated with several brands from SONY to Sebastian and excelled at creating visually striking content for online and social media that resulted in tangible results (KPIs, sales etc)

After selling it in 2014 I was offered the position of Director of Marketing and Communications for Manufacture New York, an innovative fashion incubator/factory hybrid dedicated to providing independent designers with the resources and skills to streamline their production process and transform local manufacturing into the most affordable, innovative option for all.  At Manufacture New York I was immersed in the world of ethical and sustainable fashion and have become a bit of a zealot on the subject but love all fashion with a capital F.

I believe in inclusiveness in fashion. Great style is NOT one size fits all.

I believe fast fashion is like fast food: damaging to the individual and the larger world. I fundamentally disagree with things like slave labor, bible quotes on shopping bags and blatantly ripping off both young and established designers. And the best way to fight against it is by carefully choosing where we spend our money.

I believe in discovering, celebrating and creating a community of like-minded people who are changing the dialogue in art, fashion and how we choose to consume through their creativity and innovative thinking.